Orville Peck teases more new music is on the way from his album ‘Bronco’

'Chapter 2' from 'Bronco' will arrive on 11th March

Orville Peck has announced on Twitter that the next batch of tracks from ‘Bronco’ is arriving on 11th March.

‘Chapter 1’ was released on 11th February, and consisted of four tracks. It reflects the decision of the Country star not to do a run of single releases, and instead to build up to release of ‘Bronco’ through three chapters.

The teaser features a clip of an upcoming video, featuring actor Norman Reedus, best known for his role in ‘The Walking Dead’.

It’s not yet announced how many tracks will make up ‘Chapter 2’.

‘Bronco’ will be Peck’s second studio album, following the release of ‘Pony’ back in March 2019. An EP, ‘Show Pony’, followed in August 2020.

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