Oscar has teamed up with Sarah Bonito for his video game-inspired new track, ‘1UP’

There’s a glitch in the system.

Oscar is back with a new track called ‘1UP’.

He’s teamed up with Sarah Bonito (from Kero Kero Bonito) for the comeback song, which is accompanied by an 8-bit video that sees the pair traverse video games.

Oscar is currently working on a new ‘batch of songs’ to follow up his debut album ‘Cut & Paste’, which was released back in 2016. It’ll see him take on a number of collabs, including Shura.

“1UP is about having a second chance to start again and making it count,” he says. “Whether that be a relationship, (with ourselves or others), a lifestyle or even just a philosophy you want to exercise. It’s a celebration of re-birth, intention and progression. As I’ve experienced anxiety and depression, there are moments you feel like you just gotta get through the day, like life is a video game and you’re a character trying to pass the level.

“I knew it needed a rap verse on it, but more of an old school hip hop positive rap. I’ve known Sarah (Kero Kero Bonito) a long time and knew she’d be the perfect counterpart and often felt she was the voice of positivity, empathy and understanding. I hope it gives people a new lease of life and the strength to keep playing on!”

Watch ‘1UP’ below.

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