Oscar Scheller has shared a new single about surrendering to a power imbalance, ‘Oblivion’

It's from his upcoming new album, 'Coming Of Age'.
Photo Credit: Freddie Stisted

Oscar Scheller has released a new single, ‘Oblivion’.

The track follows on from his recent single drops ‘Apricot’, ‘Dumb’ and ‘8 Minute Abs’, with all four coming from his new album ‘Coming Of Age’, set for release on 10th November.

“‘Oblivion’ is about surrendering to the imbalance of a power dynamic in your life,” he says. “Being at peace with the fact that nothing is in your control. It’s equal parts liberating and terrifying. Other people are hell or whatever Sartre said.”

Of the album, he adds: “There are a lot of love songs on Coming of Age, but ‘love’ is so expansive and undefined. We have so many ideas around love and what it means. The album is an exploration of that. There’s a reason we’re always thinking about and talking about love, why we’re so obsessed with it culturally. It’s a necessity to survive. Being in my new surroundings, there’s a lot more love, and I’m a lot better at receiving it. I never was before.”

Check it out below.

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