Palace have released a new cut from their upcoming EP, ‘Part II – Nightmares & Ice Cream’ – check out ‘Make You Proud’

Their new EP is due in December.
Photo Credit: Adrian Lee

Palace have released a new teaser track from their EP, ‘Part II – Nightmares & Ice Cream’.

It follows on from their recent drop ‘Part I – When Everything Was Lost’ from earlier this year, and is set for release on 5th December. Following on from earlier cut ‘Rabid Dog’, they’ve now shared ‘Make You Proud’.

Lead singer Leo Wyndham explains: “‘Make You Proud’ is about insecurity in new love. Questioning oneself constantly and overthinking at every turn – but still having this incredible patience and support from a partner.” 

Of the EP, he adds: “‘Nightmares & Ice Cream’ is another snapshot of life and moments of the past year. It’s Part II of the journey, and one that’s felt very significant. It’s a hazy chapter of intense reflection to past events, but also a sort of purgatory where we stumble forward, stunned, trying to find some kind of grip on reality.”

Check out the new single below.

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