Pale Waves are about to drop a new track, ‘Eighteen’

The band's latest turbo-banger is arriving tomorrow.

Drop the drawbridge! Assemble the welcoming committee! Someone find some bloody bunting! Pale Waves are about to gift us a brand new turbo-banger.

Stood at the metaphorical gates that mark the start of their metaphorical walk up the metaphorical driveway of their not-at-all-metaphorical debut album, the buzziest new band on the planet are about to drop ‘Eighteen’.

The track will arrive tomorrow, Tuesday 24th July. 

Pale Waves been playing ‘Eighteen’ on the road for a while now – you can check out a live video below. It’s 80s prom-pop perfection.

Over the weekend, Pale Waves continued their 2018 festival season by playing Truck. You can check out photos from their set here.

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