Paramore serve up a tropical feast with ‘Told You So’

Can we just fast forward everything to May 12th so we can have ‘After Laughter’ now?
Last time we checked, our plays counter for ‘Hard Times’ is through the roof. As in, we’re living in the hundreds of plays and we’re pretty sure the neighbours are joining in. Seems about time then that we serve up another nugget to get blared out – with Paramore delivering once again with new number ‘Told You So’.

It’s packed full of the fun and vibrancy that radiates out of ‘Hard Times’, with a smooth breeze that has us transported to margaritas next to sandy beaches in a matter of seconds. We’re already shimmying around the room, and we may be stuck like this for a while – so y’know, best get joining in as nothing else is going to be happening at our end until a good hundred plays later.

In fact, we’re probably going to be like that right up until the release of Paramore’s new album ‘After Laughter’ on May 12th, just in case we haven’t mentioned that over the past few weeks. The band will return to the UK for a string of special shows in June (which includes a night at only the bloody Royal Albert Hall) with all of them dates sold out in a matter of moments.

Basically, it’s all happening and it’s all happening really soon.

We’re off to sing to the neighbours, pop open Paramore’s latest box of wonder with ‘Told You So’ below,