Paris Paloma has dropped a new debut album teaser, single ‘boys, bugs and men’

Her debut album is coming over the summer.

Paris Paloma has released a new single, ‘boys, bugs and men’.

It’s a cut from her upcoming debut album, due on 30th August. ‘Cacophony’ will feature 15 tracks, including previously released singles ‘my mind (now)’, ‘drywall’, ‘as good a reason’, ‘yeti’ and ’labour’.

“From this chaotic cosmic yawn, creation sprang forth”, Paris explains, “so this is a collection that makes sense of the overwhelming space of my mind where my anxiety, my OCD, and trauma processing lives.”

“I love the feral, feminine aspects of my music”, she continues. “Being unapologetically vulnerable feels wild – it’s breaking down boundaries, a return to something primal”.

Check out the new track below.

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