PAWS pay homage to New York with their new video for ‘Joanna’

It’s the latest track from their upcoming album, ‘Your Church on My Bonfire’.

Glasgow trio PAWS have released a new video for ‘Joanna’.

It’s the latest track from their upcoming album ‘Your Church on My Bonfire’, out this Friday (29th April).

Director Alex Markman says of the clip: “Phil [Taylor, guitar] initially approached me about wanting to do a video where New York City was as much a character as the band. Say what you will about New York, there’s a reason why its past is fetishized, when it was bankrupted and sex was for sale on every street corner.

“So we decided to fetishize it literally with several nods to that era; Warhol films like Blow Job (and Empire), famous hustlers like Joe Dallesandro, the Ramones 53rd & 3rd, Taxi Driver – I could keep going. We shot during the rain storm a few weeks back. I can’t say it was fun but it definitely helped sell the look.”

Check it out below.

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