Peace are back with a brand new track ‘From Under Liquid Glass’

It's in support mental health charity MQ.
Peace have dropped a brand new track to support mental health charity MQ.

Titled ‘From Under Liquid Glass’, frontman Harry Hoissier describes it as “an honest, personal account of how I was feeling last year.  Things in my life were rocky and I hit a low point; the song is a form of self-expression, which I found therapeutic.  It helped to write my feelings down on paper.”

“The origin of the song is to do with the fear that if my peers and our fans got a glimpse of the fact that I wasn’t actually a swirling eruption of positivity and that I was in fact really struggling with my mental health, they would feel somehow like I was a fraud.  I think that fear is representative of the pressures on young men to be strong and mentally sound.  It’s campaigns like this one that MQ is doing that inspired me to face all my feelings head on and put all the imaginary criticism I was fearing I into a song.  If people take comfort in the song that’s only a good thing, and if people can relate to it, that’s a good thing too, and to me is what music is about – and I hope it can help continue to raise awareness around mental health.  Before now my approach has been to cover up and not talk about any sort of mental health issues, but I’m lucky in that I have songs to put my feelings into; this is the first time I’ve been this straight forward in a song and this honest.”

Peace have always been about an explosion of happiness,” he continues, “but that isn’t reflective of every part of me, and this song says that things can be polarised; you can be a happy person and also feel bad at times. It’s reflective of everyone as most people I know have had or will have or some degree of mental health issue at some point in their lives”

The track is the first taster of new music from the band in ‘quite a while’, as they build up to their third album, expected in 2018.

Nikki Peters, Campaign Manager at MQ says:  “We’re delighted that Peace have chosen to support us in raising the profile of mental health and the urgent need for more research. Harry’s honest account of his own experience – and the band’s passionate commitment to championing the issue – are hugely valuable.  

If we want to truly transform mental health we need to build a movement – with research at the centre. Working together with artists like Harry and Peace, as well as scientists, politicians, and the public themselves, we can bring about real change for everyone affected by mental illness.”

To build awareness of the charity, Peace are asking bands to create their own ‘swearing selfie’ to share on their socials, using this link.

You can check out ‘From Under Liquid Glass’ below.

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