Perfume Genius has released a new nine-ish-minute track, ‘Eye In The Wall’

It's a "cosmic peep show," he says.

Perfume Genius has released a new nine-ish-minute track, ‘Eye In The Wall’.

It’s a new track taken from ‘The Sun Still Burns Here’, a dance and music performance collaboration with Seattle-based choreographer Kate Wallich, which will debut in Seattle this October.

“I think of ‘Eye in the Wall’ as a cosmic peep show,” he explains. “Watching, being watched, dancers unlatched from the Matrix and truly LIVING. Creating new rituals on the other side. Whole bodies braiding, spit glowing in the dark and a camera floating just above.

“We spent a lot of time in the studio alternating between the math of the song and the magic of it — which was very much like the process of creating the dance itself. Working with Kate Wallich and YC, really being with my body, really being with other bodies – there is control and a real formula but a portal opened up in parallel that is completely free and overwhelmingly full of feeling.”

Check out ‘Eye In The Wall’ below.

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