Personal Trainer have shared a new single, ‘Former Puppy’, from their upcoming debut album, ‘Big Love Blanket’

Their first full-length release is due November 4th.
Photo credit: Marieke Hulzinga

Amsterdam seven-piece rock group Personal Trainer have shared a new single, ‘Former Puppy’. It comes from their upcoming debut album, ‘Big Love Blanket’.

The track is the fifth single from the record and follows the band’s 2021 EP, ‘Gazebo’. The album is due to arrive in full on November 4th.

On the song, frontman Willem Smit says: “I think ‘Former Puppy’ is partly about making music when you’re not really thinking about it or when you’re just following your instinct. I always try to do that in some way, it could be false nostalgia, but I’m finding it harder to do now than I did before.”

“While working on this song, I was kind of trying to mimic the way I made songs when I was a bit younger,” he continues. “During a big chunk of it, there are two drum tracks with a lot of fills playing simultaneously, which I think gives it kind of an over-eager sound, if that makes sense. There are a lot of guitar overdubs on this one. It’s hard to judge whether we got close, but I said ‘I want them to sound like Oasis!’ a lot during the process.”

You can listen to ‘Former Puppyhere and check out the music video below:

You can pre-order ‘Big Love Blanket’ here. The full tracklist reads:

1. Big Love Blanket
2. The Lazer
3. Rug Busters
4. Milk
5. Key Of Ego
6. Texas In The Kitchen
7. Cut Loose
8. The Money Department
9. Former Puppy
10. Vaalserberg Hero

Personal Trainer will also tour the UK & EU in support of the debut record.

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