Pet Shimmers have dropped a surprise new album, ‘Anon Playable Cloud’

The release of 'Anon Playable Cloud' follows up on 2020's 'Trash Earthers', and features their June single, 'Edgelord', as well as April's 'Sonder'.

Pet Shimmers have released a surprise new album, ‘Anon Playable Cloud’.

The release follows up on 2020’s ‘Trash Earthers’, and features their June single, ‘Edgelord’, as well as April’s ‘Sonder’. As well as the usual streaming services and downloads, there is also a limited run of cassette tapes available for purchase.

Upon the announcement, the band tweeted out a statement, saying: “The tides are yuled and we are full of gay abandon as we announce the release of our third album. We’ve sat on this baby for long enough so get on the download train and enjoy. Featuring a host of collaborators.”

You can check out ‘Anon Playable Cloud’ below.

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