Pete Wentz reveals a bit more about Fall Out Boy’s ‘Bloom’ project

It includes a short film.
Fall Out Boy bassist and Nandos fan, Pete Wentz has revealed a bit more about his band’s ‘Bloom’ project, an idea that they came up with at the end of their Wintour tour.

Snapchatting the info (which frankly sounds a bit Tom Delonge), he says: “We wanted to do something that was kind of compelling and experiential where there was stuff to wear and stuff to look at and stuff to experience, but most importantly I wanted to tell a narrative that sometimes the hard shit you go through makes you stronger, it carves you into somebody stronger.”

“You guys inspire us and so we wanted to do something that was inspiring and uplifting and hopefully resonates,” he continued. “I hit up my friend Bobby from Hundreds, and he came up with the idea for the short film, which we are also going to release on the internet. We designed a show that we’ve never performed before, hopefully something that maybe you haven’t seen before too.”

Watch the full thing below.

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