Phantom Isle have dropped their new track ‘Whip’

It’s an absolute tune.

Phantom Isle have dropped their new single ‘Whip’.

Hitting the studio mid-pandemic, Northamptonshire-born / London-based new wave outfit have defied all the negativity and gloom and came out with an infectious, synth-fuelled tune you can’t help but dance to.

“I wrote the lyrics by putting myself back into the mindset of my teenage years,” says drummer Sam Thorne. “It was a very turbulent time for me, and my mind became a hotbed of chaotic thoughts and selfish decisions.”

“The chords came from Vulfpeck and lounge music, the voice came from classic thriller disco, and the synth sounds were a mix of mid-80’s electro-pop and early 90’s techno,” adds keyboardist Joshua Guy. “Oh, and that whip-crack is from my love of PC Music and the 70’s new wave outfit Sparks.” 

Give ‘Whip’ a listen below.

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