Check out alt-pop wonder phem’s new songs, ‘Congratulations’ and ‘American Beauty’

‘how u stop hating urself pt.1.5’ is out now in full.

phem has released a new deluxe EP, featuring some new material.

‘how u stop hating urself pt.1.5’ includes recent tracks ‘Self Control’, ‘STFU’, and iann dior collab ‘honest’, along with two new ones: ‘Congratulations’ and ‘American Beauty’.

“I wanted to close out the ‘how u stop hating urself’ era with a sneak peek of what’s to come,” she explains. “Lots of pain but also so much growth. I’m thankful to have the phemily to share it with.”

Of ‘Congratulations’, she adds: “I wrote this at a time where I felt like I wanted to completely give up on trying to make the relationship I was in work anymore. I was over fighting.. it was kind of like saying ‘good job, I’m done now, you’ve said too much, u win, I don’t wanna do this anymore.” 

And of ‘American Beauty’: “If you know me you know my favorite movie is American Beauty… I also feel like the underlying themes are very similar to how we operate as a society. Sweep things under the rug. Sit there, shut up and look pretty…”

Check out the full release below.

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