Phoebe Bridgers means business with her new label Saddest Factory

She's going to be signing artists and releasing records with her new venture.

Phoebe Bridgers isn’t content with having released one of the albums of the year – she’s starting her own record label too.

Working in partnership with her own label Dead Oceans, Saddest Factory will be home to Bridgers’ own signings. “The vision of the label is simple,” she explains, “good songs, regardless of genre.”

Clearly, our Phoebe is having a bit of a giggle. If you go to the website from the label,, it’s full of all kinds of blue sky thinking business speak. There’s a dress code (“Ms Bridgers has initiated a strict dress code whereby in order to mean business, one must dress for business”) and a ‘food in office’ policy (“Ms Bridgers has initiated a strict smelly food policy… Please note food brought into the office Ms Bridgers does not fall under this strict policy.”)

Basically, it’s a bit of a giggle. Artists can submit their music, and there’ll be announcement on a first signing ‘soon’.

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