Are these photos from Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ ‘zine?

We don't know. Do you know? Probably not.
Frank Ocean. What’s going on now, then?

The never ending saga of ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ is showing no signs of ending any time soon – with some predicting the November date from that library card image as the new release date. We never learn, do we?

Frank’s not been seen on his live stream over the weekend, with the suggested drop date of Friday August 5th coming and going with nothing to report. Yesterday there was a big drama on Reddit, involving (possibly) faked images and stories of loops, streaming teams and phone calls. None of it makes anything any clearer.

Over in Tumblr land, photos reporting to be from the associated ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ ‘zine have ‘leaked’. There’s no confirmation they’re real – though there’s a mention of Tom Sachs, who’s boombox appears on the live stream. Possible proof, possible opportunistic photoshopping? You decide. Check them out below.

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