Picture Parlour have shared their latest “dramatic statement”, ‘Judgement Day’

It follows their fuss-making debut single 'Norwegian Wood', which garnered "significant attention" when it was released in July.

Picture Parlour have dropped their latest single, ‘Judgement Day’.

Yet another standout, the band’s second track follows their fuss-making debut single ‘Norwegian Wood’, which garnered “significant attention” when it was released in July.

Co-produced by Catherine Marks, known for her work on the recent #1 album by boygenius, the band’s Katherine Parlour explains: “‘Judgement Day’ is a love letter. It’s being knocked off your feet by someone you never expected to meet and surrendering to that all consuming feeling. It’s a dramatic statement that at the end of time, on judgement day, you want to stand hand in hand with your lover.”

Accompanying the single is a video directed by Em Cole. You can check that out below.

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