Cardiff five-piece Panic Shack have released a new single, ‘Meal Deal’, alongside new 2023 UK tour dates

The track has arrived today, October 13th, via Brace Yourself Records.
Photo credit: Siân Adler

Panic Shack have shared their latest single, ‘Meal Deal’, with a new music video featuring footages from the studio.

It is their first release since April’s ‘Baby Shack’ EP, which you can revisit here. The new track was written in 2020 and recorded at Rat Trap studios alongside Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard’s Tom Rees. It arrived today, October 13th, via Brace Yourself Records.

On ‘Meal Deal’, the band share: “It was once almost an ode to the meal deal, declaring our love for our favourite combos, but since then we’ve got a bit more to be angry about and are annoyed that meal deals are still all we can afford.”

“We would regularly get meal deals on our lunch breaks,” they continue. “We’d get 30 minutes to run to Boots or Tesco, have a cig and scoff it down before having to be all smiles again on the shop floor, but to keep spirits high we’d send each other our combos and rate them. For example, ready salted crisps, a ham sandwich, and a water would get nil pois, obviously. We truly believe your meal deal says a lot about you.”

“The new and improved version, however, is less focused on the actual meal deal itself and more towards what the meal deal represents… being skint. In true Panic Shack style we are keeping things relatively light but still giving our two pence on the current state of living.”

The single is accompanied by a Ren Faulkner-directed music video, including studio footage and recording trips to stock up on studio sustenance.

“We wanted the video to be rough and ready much like the sound of the song; it also gave us a few extra pennies to go towards the sandwich, crisps and drink combo that we love dearly,” Panic Shack have revealed. “Being absolutely skint is pretty bleak: the message speaks for itself so we didn’t want to dwell on that. We wanted to capture the fun we have when we’re together, to contrast what we’re talking about in the song (because god knows we need a break from the doom and gloom in the news). We hope you enjoy spending a few minutes behind the scenes on Planet Shack. (P.s don’t judge the Red Bulls.)”

You can watch the official music video for ‘Panick Shack’ below:

The band have also announced a new run of UK headline shows for early 2023 – tickets are available here.

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