Pip Blom have shared a new track from their as yet unannounced third album, ‘Tiger’

Some new UK shows are also expected too.

Pip Blom have shared their new track ‘Tiger’.

It is taken from their forthcoming, but as yet unannounced, third album. Some new UK shows are also expected too.

Speaking about the track, Pip explained: “It’s my favourite song off the album, and quite different to what we’ve done before. I don’t want to sound arrogant, and I find these things difficult to say about my own tracks, but it’s quite an earworm! It’s good to surprise people with a new sound, and though it still sounds like a Pip Blom track because it has my voice on it and the melodies I tend to write, it feels like it’s from a
different source. I wanted to be bold and do something new.”

They released their debut album ‘Boat’ in 2019, following on with their second ‘Welcome Break’ in 2021.

You can check out ‘Tiger’ here:

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