Pip Blom play out a classic rom-com in their new video for ‘Daddy Issues’

Pasta in the bath? Why not.

Pip Blom have shared a new video for their track ‘Daddy Issues’.

It’s a cut from the group’s upcoming debut album ‘Boat’, out on 31st May via Heavenly.

“The video is a love letter to classic cinema, but also a cautionary tale,” says frontwoman Pip Blom. “Our culture makes it too easy to fall in love with things which aren’t real, and if you’re not careful you can end up in a sort of groundhog day cycle of self-induced disappointment. I think the surreal narrative of the video encapsulates that in quite a self aware way.”

Check out ‘Daddy Issues’ below, and find the band at Stag & Dagger, Hit the North, The Great Escape, Gold Sounds, Sea Change, Truck, Deer Shed, Y Not and more this summer.

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