piri & tommy have announced their debut project, ‘froge.mp3’

The record drops October 21st via Polydor Records.

piri & tommy have announced ‘froge.mp3’, their debut project – a collection of 12 tracks, including hit single ‘soft spot’, due October 21st via Polydor Records.

Having smashed out their summer festival season and with a UK headline tour looming ahead, the intrinsically linked pair are arming themselves with a broad arsenal of bangers.

On ‘froge.mp3‘, tommy admits that, “every single track was an experiment. This was the first time I’ve been entirely responsible for producing an entire record, it’s been super fun to make and I’ve learned so much about producing just by doing this. Every track had a different challenge and I’m proud that all of them have individuality, through different genres, instrumentations, writing styles and production techniques.”

“We really wanted to avoid guiding or limiting ourselves too much during the creative process,” piri adds. “We made whatever we felt like, just for fun, and I can definitely feel that energy of us enjoying being creative and with no pressure when listening back. It’s so cool having a collection of tracks to document parts of our lives in that way, like a little time capsule.”

You can pre-save ‘froge.mp3here.

The full tracklist for the project reads as below:
1. silver lining
2. on & on
3. soft spot
4. settle
5. words
6. slowly but surely
7. say it
8. can we
9. easy
10. player 2
11. beachin
12. sunlight

piri & tommy tour the UK & EU in November.

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