Pizzagirl gets intimate in his new video for ‘body biology’

Keep an eye out for his debut album, which arrives in October.

Pizzagirl has released a new video for his track ‘body biology’.

It’s a cut from his upcoming debut album ‘first timer’, due for release on 11th October.

“The new film for my latest punk hit ‘body biology’ is an adventure through the crevasses and creases of the body of your very own Pizzagirl!” he explains. 

“I shaved my hair to a crisp 0 to accentuate the truly harrowing form of my head and face! Microscopic shots of my coarse leg hair are laden throughout this masterpiece of film making, and Denise (my guitar / female alter ego) makes her camera debut!! 

“I wanted you the viewer to get to know me and my brain even more, and if a cruise around the pores of my fleshy vessel isn’t good enough, then I don’t know what is!!!!”

Check out ‘body biology’ below.

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