Plug into Alfie Templeman’s new video for ‘Things I Thought Were Mine’

It’s a virtual adventure that sees Alfie fighting a Rat King. Normal day here then.

Not content with just dropping cracking hits after cracking hits, Alfie Templeman has plugged into the big leagues for the new video for ‘Things I Thought Were Mine’

Grabbing a controller and getting right into the swing of things, the clip sees Alfie controlling a virtual version of himself through arcade fun, all in pursuit of happiness stolen by a powerful Rat King. Yes. That is something we just wrote. Can more days be like this please?

Chatting about the video, Alfie noted: “Huge pro-gamer move. This ones for people who like Mario! The song itself kinda sounds like the Wii tune so it’d be wrong not to have a video based on a Nintendo game. It’s-a-me Alfie Templeman!”

‘Things I Thought Were Mine’ is taken from Alfie Templeman’s latest EP ‘Happiness In Liquid Form’ – released a couple of weeks back and stacked with some absolute gems. You can check out our track by track with Alfie here (5 stars you say?) or you can switch on the latest episode of our weekly magazine show Down With Boring, with Alfie joining the fun to talk about his latest EP and… shepherds pie’s made of Bounty? Why not!

Click play on ‘Things I Thought Were Mine’ below:

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