Poliça unveil throbbing new one ‘Still Counts’

Hypnotic beats and menacing chimes mark out the first of two new tracks coming out for Record Store Day
Sending shivers right up the spine in quick-fire fashion, Poliça have unveiled a fresh new track in the form of ‘Still Counts’

A collaboration with Baltimore wordsmith Spank Rock, the track blends chilling synth beats and deadly refrains to soundtrack that exact moment in a movie where a character on screen realises that something terrifying is about to happen.

‘Still Counts’ forms part of a completely new Double-A side being released by Poliça to mark Record Store Day – with the flip-side being an as-yet-unreleased track called ‘Lipstick Chains’. It’ll mark Poliça’s first new music since the release of last year’s LP ‘United Crushers’.

Click play on ‘Still Counts’ below,

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