Post Malone has shared his latest taster of new album ‘Austin’, ‘Mourning’

The new album is set to land on 28th July.
Photo credit: Patrick Gunning

Post Malone has released a new single, ‘Mourning’.

This introspective and emotionally charged track is a precursor to his upcoming fifth studio album, ‘Austin’, which is slated for a 28th July release.

Post Malone has also given fans a sneak peek into the making of the ‘Mourning’ music video, sharing behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot that took place in Scotland.

‘Austin’, which takes its title from Post Malone’s real name, Austin Richard Post, was announced earlier this week on social media. The album will also include his previous single, ‘Chemical’.

In his remarks about the upcoming album, Post Malone described the creation process as simultaneously challenging and rewarding. He stated, “It’s been some of the funnest music, [and] some of the most challenging and rewarding music. For me, at least.”

“I played guitar on every song on the record, and it was a really, really fun experience. I’m super, super excited to share it with you.”

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