Prima Queen have shared a new cut from their debut EP, ‘Not The Baby’

The duo's debut EP is set for release in May.

Prima Queen have released a new track, ‘Crow’, from their debut EP ‘Not The Baby’.

Set for release on 3rd May via Big Indie Records, the duo have described the EP as a reflection on their own feelings and the feelings of those closest to them.

“We’ve both experienced a lot of change in the past few years and since we write all our songs together we’re usually drawn to write about our parallel experiences,” Louise Macphail and Kristin McFadden explain.

“In this EP we explore different types of change – birth & death, leaving & returning – and how it can affect our relationships. It’s a reflection not only on our own feelings but also the feelings of our family, friends and lovers.

“We’re really excited to finally release a complete body of work, rather than stand alone singles. These songs are meant to be listened to together and we want people to experience the emotional journey that they create.”

Of the new single, they add: “Crow was written just after lockdown and it’s about living in a big house with 6 of my best friends during covid. It was inspired by a night where we tried (and failed) to rescue a crow with a broken wing. Everyone in the house was having a hard time in different ways and the song’s about the pain of watching people you love struggle and not being able to fix it.”

Check out new teaser ‘Crow’ below.

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