Priya Ragu has shared a new single, ‘Adalam Va!’, with an ambitious video accompaniment

The single was co-written and produced with Priya’s brother and creative partner, Japhna Gold.
Photo credit: blackksocks

Priya Ragu has released a new single, ‘Adalam Va!’, which arrived alongside a combative and energetic music video.

It is her second single of the year, with ‘Illuminous’ dropping back in March, and follow’s her 2021 debut mixtape, which Dork’s 4-star review said was, “delivered with a vocal and musical dexterity that pushes beyond the norm.” You can read the full ‘damnshestamil’ review here.

The new track’s title roughly translates to ‘Let’s Dance!’, which explains its electrifying core of South Indian sonics fused with rattling rhythms and pop production. 

It was co-written and produced by her brother, Japhna Gold, and Priya recalls: “I was outside the studio one day and Japhna was working on this new beat. I stormed straight in to find out what he was working on – I was convinced it was a banga. We immediately started to write out the lyrics and before we knew it we had the track completed that day.”

Elaborating on the track, she explains: “‘Adalam Va!’ is about hope in the darkest of days. It’s about the fresh energy that emerges out of these times. We wanted to express that feeling through this song and to get everyone on the dancefloor!”

The vigorously choreographed music video displays a flurry of dance routines and martial arts moves brought together under the influence of international cinema. “I’ve always wanted to shoot a video where dance moves and fighting combine together, which is well out of my comfort zone,” Priya details. “It was a huge challenge for me to do these movements, with no prior experience, but we did it!”

You can listen to ‘Adalam Va!here and watch the music video below:

Priya Ragu headlines London’s Electric Brixton next Thursday, October 13. Tickets are available here.

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