Protomartyr have announced details of a new album, ‘Ultimate Success Today’

The news comes alongside a first single, 'Processed By The Boys'.

Protomartyr have announced details of a new album.

Titled ‘Ultimate Success Today’ it’s set to arrive on 29th May via Domino.

The news comes alongside a first single, ‘Processed By The Boys’, which you can check out below.

“The re-release of our first album had me thinking about the passage of time and its ultimate conclusion,” vocalist Joe Casey explains. “Listening to No Passion All Technique again, I could hear myself hoping for an introduction and a long future, but also being cognizant that it could be ‘one and done’ for us. So, when it came time to write Ultimate Success Today, I was reminded of that first urgency and how it was an inverse of my current grapple with how terribly ill I’ve been feeling lately. Was that sick feeling colouring how I felt about the state of the world or was it the other way around?

“This panic was freeing in a way. It allowed me to see our fifth album as a possible valediction of some confusingly loud five-act play. In the same light I see it as an interesting mile marker of our first decade of being a band – a crest of the hill along a long highway. Although just to cover my bases, I made sure to get my last words in while I still had the breath to say them.”

So there we go. Here’s the video for ‘Processed By The Boys’.

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