Public Access T.V. get violent in new ‘Patti Peru’ video

Kidnap your frontman and he'll do your head in.
Public Access T.V. have dropped a new video.

The clip for ‘Patti Peru’ features singer John going for a wander and getting kidnapped. It’s a real problem for the frontmen of Really Quite Good indie rock bands. They’re always being bundled into the back of vans by strange people, then later end up fighting their band mates over it.

“The band and I spend 90% of our time together,” he explains to Noisey. “We all live right next to each other so we’re constantly hanging even when we’re off tour. Like brothers this means we fight a lot both physically and emotionally. For this video we figured a good way to get out some tension would be to kill each other on screen… it’s always love though.”

Check out the video, and the band’s upcoming live dates, below.

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