Public Access TV’s new album ‘Street Safari’ is streaming now

Check out the follow up to 2016's debut 'Never Enough'.
Public Access TV have dropped their second album.

The follow up to 2016’s debut ‘Never Enough’, ‘Street Safari’ is streaming online, in full, right now.

“I always write about what I’m going through in my life in that moment,” frontman John Eatherly told Dork, speaking about the record. “I draw a lot of inspiration from my friends. Some of the new tracks look back retrospectively on our earlier years as a band. Some are about not being afraid to take chances. Remaining hopeful while questioning the present and reflecting on the pass. It’s truly just kind of the inner dialogue in my head. It can be quite hard for me to articulate exactly how I feel in a conversation so it’s with songs that I can listen back and then realise more what I’m trying to say. It’s almost therapeutic in the way that it clears things up in my head.”

You can check out ‘Street Safari’ below.

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