Pulled Apart By Horses head to ‘Hotel Motivation’ with their new video

There’s all sort of things going on there, just like that anticipated new album ‘The Haze’
Wondering where to stay this time of year? Try ‘Hotel Motivation’ which looks pretty fancy if the new video from Pulled Apart By Horses is anything to go by.

Featuring ball baths and the PABH guys being pretty noisy neighbours, it marks the sort of track that jumps straight in your head, sets up camp and then won’t leave no matter what you do. Which is the perfect track in our book.

Speaking about the track, guitarist James Brown said:

“Welcome to the Hotel Motivation, this foot stomper came to life from a shared love of Iggy Pop and an overwhelming lack of sleep when Tom was up night and day penning song lyrics. We hope you enjoy your stay!”

Getting deeper, lead singer Tom Hudson explain how “ironically these lyrics came out of the frustration of me suffering a little ‘writers block’. I was sat in a small room in my house, hunched over my computer recording my vocals at about three in the morning. I felt like I couldn’t allow myself to sleep until I’d at least made some progress with the track. The song is sort of a fictional version of how I felt and what I was doing that night. A couple of days later we played it in our practice room and everything felt right.”

Pulled Apart By Horses’ new album ‘The Haze’ is set to burst into life on March 17th, with a run of headline UK dates teed up to kick off at the end of that month and into April. You can see all of those below, right after you head to ‘Hotel Motivation’ – it’s much better than any Premier Inn we’ve ever been to.