Pulled Apart By Horses hit the hospital in ‘The Big What If’ video

Leeds’ finest take a surreal trip for their latest blockbuster single
Pulled Apart By Horses are back, and their opening punch into the world ‘The Big What If’ now has a suitably punch-y music video to match.

Seemingly cooped up in their own hospital ward, things get a bit out there (see wrapping sellotape around your own head and slapping each other with fish amongst others), but it’s all brilliantly bonkers – just how we like our slice of Pulled Apart By Horses pie.

Speaking about the clip, drummer Tommy Davidson said:

“For this video we buddied up with close acquaintances and immersed ourselves in the beautifully absurd world of Lord Whitney. Pushing ourselves to new physical and mental limits, we took part in an experiment to battle the effects of sleep deprivation. We went to desperate measures to remain conscious, things got weird and we found ourselves trapped somewhere between the stark reality of a bare hospital ward and a harsh, surreal dystopian landscape.”

Now that’s what we call a wild night. Pulled Apart By Horses are set to drop a fresh new album in 2017, but not before supporting Twin Atlantic at their trio of homecoming Glasgow shows in December. They’ll then embark on their own headline tour through March and April, so plenty of opportunities to go hell for leather at a PABH show!

Check into ‘The Big What If’ below, along with those headline tour dates,