Pumarosa get their virtual reality on in ‘Cecile’ video

Oh, you have a Beats Pill in your video? Diddums. Check this shit out.
Virtual reality used to be about prattling about in a vector world, awkwardly doing not much while feeling like someone had made a bad Wolfenstein 3D without any of the fun bits. Now, it’s crossover mainstream technology, popping up in buzzy new music videos like this latest effort from Pumarosa.

While Run The Jewels and others produce clips requiring you to wave your phone about or stick it to your face with a bit of cardboard, the clip for ‘Cecile’ instead takes a more traditional approach – the band donning Oculus Rift headsets and wandering round in a sort of hyper-realised world. For some reason this requires having showers and scribbling on your face.

Still, it looks damn cool, and the song is a blinder. You can watch the full thing ‘below’.

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