Pumarosa have released their new single, ‘I See You’

"There is a swagger to enjoying power," says Isabel.

Pumarosa have released their new single, ‘I See You’.

It’s a cut from the band’s second album ‘Devastation’, due for release on 8th November via Fiction Records.

Isabel Muñoz-Newsome explains: “The song is about having the confidence to look back into the face of the guy who is talking you down, or taking your space, and saying “I see you!” I’m not going to be silent or make myself small so that you can feel ok. It’s not ok! And it can be fun! There is a swagger to enjoying power, and you can feel that in the verses of the track. The lyrics to ‘I See You’ ware inspired by the experience of me and my girlfriends. And also by the Me Too movement.”

Check out ‘I See You’ below, and catch the band on tour this November.

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