Pumarosa have shared a brand new video for their latest single, ‘I See You’

It's the most recent taster for the band's second album 'Devastation'.

Pumarosa have shared a brand new video for their latest single.

The clip is for ‘I See You’, and the most recent taster for the band’s second album ‘Devastation’, which is set for release on 15th November.

Talking about the track, Pumarosa front-woman Isabel Muñoz-Newsome explains: “the song is about having the confidence to look back into the face of the guy who is talking you down, or taking your space, and saying “I see you!” She continued, “The video is wild. I love what Mikey Harding and Sammy Lee (lovers) have done. I wanted the video to have a sense of swagger, and humour. I wanted it to feel powerful. The song has a feminist message and I wanted this to be clear. Living in a patriarchal society can make you feel pretty angry sometimes. So all the imagery of a man being beheaded by a woman is like the ultimate portrayal of these boundaries being pushed to their limits. Haha. I want the message to be that we can SEE the injustice, and we won’t look away. We can laugh if we want tho! Hold our ground and smile a defiant smile right back at them.”

So there we go.

You can check out the video for ‘I See You’ below.

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