PWR BTTM take on those slow texters with ‘Answer My Text’

We’ve all been there, and the duo know how to soundtrack that moment perfectly
How many times have we waited for a text back on a cold and lonely night? Far too many is the answer – but at least we now have the definitive soundtrack to that moment thanks to PWR BTTM and their new number ‘Answer My Text’

Shimmering in vibrant urgency, and hitting straight to the point – it’s yet another example as to why we’re head over heels with the duo, and why incoming new album ‘Pageant’ is going to be a bloody corker.

Speaking about ‘Answer My Text’ in a detailed Facebook post, Liv Bruce of the band said:

“It’s 2017 and I can’t believe I still waste my time on boys who don’t text back! What am I doing? What are THEY doing? Is the phenomenon of ‘ghosting’ just the latest version of the same struggle for commitment that’s been raging for millennia, or do smartphones make it easier than ever to ignore someone you’re ‘seeing’ 95% of the time? The answer is probably yes to both. Fuck!”

“I started writing this song over a year ago and it still makes me mad, I’m mad at the boy I wrote this about, who is actually a fictional composite of like 50 boys. I’m mad at myself for the times I’ve kept people I care about waiting for a response. Right now in my #personal #life I’m trying to work on my relationships with technology and people so I can better honour needs and boundaries moving forward, but before I could do that I had to exorcize my rage and despair by turning them into a song called “Answer My Text”. Here is that song.”

Basically, just answer each other’s texts guys – imagine what the world would look like if we did.

‘Answer My Text’ follows previous single ‘Big Beautiful Day’ as pretty good indicators that new album ‘Pageant’ (out on May 12th and sitting as the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Ugly Cherries’) is going to be a blooming stormer – and we can’t wait. Thankfully before then, PWR BTTM will be returning to the UK in April for a string of headline shows, which you can have a look through below.

If you haven’t been to a PWR BTTM show, believe us – you need to experience it.

Before then, blare out ‘Answer My Text’