Queens Of The Stone Age’s new album is “coming out this year”

Troy Sanders of Mastodon has delivered the scoop that we've all been waiting for
Hold down your horses, Queens Of The Stone Age are set to release that hotly anticipated new album this year.

That’s according to Mastodon’s Troy Sanders, who’s recently teamed up with the Queens’ Troy Van Leeuwen in supergroup Gone Is Gone. Speaking to the fine fellows over at Rolling Stone, Sanders explained the group’s dedication to make a record, and in-turn has seemed to let slip that Queens Of The Stone Age are about to burst back into the picture.

“I like to think none of us needs this band, but we all really want this band. When that’s the mentality, this is special to the four of us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t dedicate the first week of 2017 to working on this band. For example, Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon and At the Drive-In have all been recording, and we all have new records coming out this year. We’ve all been extremely busy writing and recording, and we’re about to get super busy touring the world.”

Cheers Troy mate.

That new album would be the first record from Queens Of The Stone Age since 2013’s stellar ‘Like Clockwork…’ – with frontman Josh Homme detailing late last year that the group were “locked in” on a new album. Expect it to be just as loud and shaking as the Queens we’ve come to know and love.