Radiohead are suing Lana Del Rey for allegedly lifting ‘Creep’

They think her track 'Get Free' is a bit too similar, and want 100% of the rights.
Radiohead have filed a copy infringement lawsuit against Lana Del Rey.

The band are claiming Lana’s song ‘Get Free’ is a bit too similar to their iconic track ‘Creep’, and want 100% of the publishing.

Tweeting about the news, Del Rey confirmed she’d offered Radiohead 40% of the rights, “but they will only accept 100.”

“Their lawyers have been relentless,” she revealed, “so we will deal with it in court.”

‘Creep’ itself was the subject of a claim by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood, who sued and received cowriting credits and a percentage of the song’s royalties due to its similarities to the Hollies’ 1972 track ‘The Air That I Breathe’. According to Hammond, “Radiohead agreed that they had actually taken it … Because they were honest they weren’t sued to the point of saying ‘we want the whole thing’. So we ended up just getting a little piece of it.”

Really, they should just combine to form Lana Del Radiohead. Obvious, really. You can compare ‘Creep’ to ‘Get Free’ below.

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