Regressive Left have shared a new single, ‘The Wrong Side of History’

It's taken from a debut EP, released next month.

Regressive Left have shared a new single, ‘The Wrong Side of History’.

Taken from their debut EP ‘On The Wrong Side Of History’, the band’s Simon Tyrie explains: “I started writing it years ago. It was more of a basic spoken-word piece from a place of anger and bitterness. Over time it became more and more tongue in cheek, until it became something to dance to.

“What we wanted to highlight is that the subject of the story – your stereotypical sensationalist, controversialist white guy – is lamenting their fall from grace from a position of power – these people rule the world right now and they want us to feel sorry for them! But it’s because they know their time is running out.”

Set for release on 15th July, the tracklist for ‘On The Wrong Side Of History’ reads:

  1. The Wrong Side of History
  2. World On Fire
  3. Bad Faith (ft. Mandy, Indiana)
  4. No More Fun

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