Remi Wolf has released ‘Cinderella’ from her upcoming second album, ‘Big Ideas’

Her second album is coming in July.

Remi Wolf has released a new single, ‘Cinderella’.

It’s a cut from her just-announced second album. The follow-up to 2021’s ‘Juno’, the former Dork cover star will release ‘Big Ideas’ on 12th July, following her UK support tour with Olivia Rodrigo.

She explains: “‘Cinderella’ is a lyrical collage of the ups and downs and mood swings and transient lifestyle I was experiencing while writing this album. Constant travel and rapid changes led me to feel such a rollercoaster of emotion – moving from feeling really insecure to feeling really good to feeling manic and depressed and then feeling OK again, while desperately craving a grounding figure to tell me I was doing a good job.

“So, this song was me stepping in as my own fairy godmother telling myself that I was in control. Sonically, I wanted the song to have a sense of 70s nostalgia while still feeling like a record made today. And I wanted to make something where you can’t help but dance and move and feel good while listening. I recorded this at Electric Lady in New York at the beginning of 2023. I initially made the song with just myself and Solomonophonic – and then I was able to bring in some amazing horns players to round out the sauce.”

Check it out below.

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