RHODES unveils soaring new track ‘Love You Sober’

The second track from his upcoming EP ‘I’m Not OK’ comes with a video shot whilst in quarantine

Unveiling his second fresh track from the past few months, RHODES has served up the soaring ‘Love You Sober’ along with a brand new video

Directed by long-time collaborator Ben Newbury, the filming of the video involved camera equipment being couriered to RHODES’ house before being directed over FaceTime! Technology eh?!

Speaking about the new track, RHODES says: “I wrote ‘Love You Sober’ last year with my good friend Rich Cooper and it was one of those songs that I always knew the video would be super-important. The idea that I was lost in my own head battling these inner demons, and fighting to find a way to keep hold of love, was conjuring tons of ideas in my mind and those of everyone involved in the song.”

Speaking directly about the video, RHODES says: “When the news of the Coronavirus started to hit and we began to realise that the idea of making a music video was virtually impossible, every idea was thrown out of the window and we went back to the drawing board. With Natalia on make-up, hair, set design, cameras and lights, and Ben on FaceTime held in front of the camera monitor directing, we made a music video whilst in isolation! I’m super-proud of everyone involved, especially Natalia, for absolutely slaying the shoot.”

‘Love You Sober’ follows ‘This Shouldn’t Work’ as tracks taken from his forthcoming EP ‘I’m Not OK’ – out on July 10th, five years on from the release of his debut album ‘Wishes’.

Check out ‘Love You Sober’ below:

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