Wet Leg, Maisie Peters, Rivers Cuomo and more are taking part in a new CBeebies show, Yukee

Wet Leg are starring as snails called The Slime Sisters.

Wet Leg, Maisie Peters, Rivers Cuomo (pictured) and more are taking part in new CBeebies show Yukee.

The series aims to inspire a love for music, with Lauren Laverne also appearing as a roving reporter called Roxie Rabbit, and Ezra Collective cast as travelling jazz musicians.

A press release explains: “Star guests and stories include: Wet Leg who appear as a travelling troupe of snails called The Slime Sisters proving that the most important instrument of all is your voice; Ezra Collective, who are cast as travelling jazz musicians Ezy and Ray in an episode all about improvisation and taking inspiration from the music unexpected of places; Maisie Peters who plays a mouse that’s become lost in the garden and needs a musical map to find her way home.”

Yukee will air on CBeebies weekdays from Monday 5th February, and episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer.

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