Romy has released a new single and video, ‘The Sea’

Her new full-length is set for release in September via Young.

Romy has released a new single and video, ‘The Sea’.

It’s a cut from her debut solo album, ‘Mid Air’. The full-length is set for release on 8th September via Young, and has already been teased by recent tracks ‘Strong’, ‘Enjoy Your Life’ and ‘Loveher’.

Talking about the video, director Mollie Mills says: “Romy always evokes this feeling of euphoria — and with this track specifically touching on wrestles of romance — through a queer lens, it intuitively evoked something about this kind of intertwinement of bodies, both in intimacy and in club culture.

“I had loosely referenced Louise Bourgeois’ sculpture “The Couple” which actualizes that soul-rupturing entanglement of falling in love — and this is what we wanted to feel in these seascape scenes. This light, blissful, euphoric togetherness that happens alongside these memory slices of euro-heaven.

“There’s a power that can live in the simplicity of these domestic moments between two queer bodies too — when I think back to the loves of summers past, the memories I have are always the small details, a billowing curtain or a lovers hair after they shower.”

Check it out below.

The album’s full tracklisting reads:

  1. Loveher
  2. Weightless
  3. The Sea
  4. One Last Try
  5. DMC
  6. Strong ft. Fred Again..
  7. Twice
  8. Did I
  9. Mid Air ft. Beverly Glenn-Copeland
  10. Enjoy Your Life
  11. She’s on My Mind

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