Rose Gray has shared a brand new EP, ‘Synchronicity’

You can check out the full thing, and the video for 'Cupid', now.

Rose Gray has shared a brand new EP, ‘Synchronicity’.

Featuring previous singles ‘Last Song’ and new track ‘Cupid’, Rose explains: “The EP is my favourite body of work to date. I feel I’ve found a world to place myself in. A sound. It’s ethereal, it’s ravey, there’s breakbeat, house and electronic bliss. There’s a little something for every moment of a night. Sunset to rise. Synchronicity has been inspired by some of my favourite nights out in New York and London town. My mum’s record collection is massively to thank; late 90’s Madonna, Slow-era Kylie and Balearic trip hop records like Morcheeba and Air. I wrote most of the EP by the seaside, escaping London and all its chaos. I’ve been lucky to have collaborated with some of my favourite producers Alex Metric, Nicky Sylvester and Ghost Culture. All wizards. The writing process came very organically, there was an overall feeling throughout the creation of this record that came with a sense of release and commitment to myself to just simply trust in my life’s journey- to swim, to dance, to love, to heal and forever dodge cupid’s arrows.”

On ‘Cupid’, which got a first spin as Clara Amfo’s Hottest Record on BBC Radio 1 earlier this week, she continues: “’Cupid, cupid why are you so stupid? Don’t you think before you shoot it?’’ – do I need to say any more?! I wrote this song about how sometimes we fall for the wrong person. Cushioned between heavy breakbeat drums and 90’s house chords, I playfully joke about falling victim to love – again. When I wrote this song I remember thinking this truly captures that feeling of being out of control. I sometimes question if Cupid really is up there in the clouds with a bow and arrow.”

You can check out the full EP, and the video for ‘Cupid’, below.

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