Royal Blood flick the switch large with ‘Lights Out’

Get a look at those riffs, standing as the first taste of new album ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’
Stop what you’re doing, Royal Blood are back and they aren’t messing about with new stormer ‘Lights Out’.

Surging with that primal intensity only Royal Blood can truly deliver with style, it’s a no-nonsense return from the duo, delivering stadium-sized riffs and scream-along hooks that’ll make camp in your mind from the very first listen.

‘Lights Out’ is the first new number revealed from incoming new album ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’, set for release into the world on June 16th. Sitting as the follow-up to their mammoth sized self-titled debut, expect more undeniable riffs and hooks that’ll take pride of place in many-a repeat queue this summer. You can check the full track listing down below, well and truly whetting the appetite (as well as confirming that the previously teased ‘Hook Line And Sinker’ has made it onto the new album, after getting debuted live a few years back).

Royal Blood have unveiled a dripping-fresh new video for ‘Lights Out’ to mark the release, which you can click play on below to well and truly change the way you see the Easter weekend (as in, we’re just going to be stuck playing this the whole way through).

Kick away the cobwebs, Royal Blood have this world marked.