Rusty Santos has shared ‘Tears In The Delay’, from the new ‘Deprived Of Occupation And Pleasure We Feast’ compilation

The compilation will arrive in full later this month.

Rusty Santos has launched his new single, ‘Tears In The Delay’.

It’s from upcoming compilation album ‘Deprived Of Occupation And Pleasure We Feast’ – which also features contributions from Hubble, Health Plan, Omnibael and more – set for release on 28th May via Iowa-based label, Nim Brut.

Rusty explains: “It’s an abstract piece, linking words and noise, where the word ‘tears’ in the title is meant in the same sense as tearing a piece of paper, and ‘delay’ is both an echo and when emotional tears hit later than what made you cry.”

Check out ‘Tears In The Delay’ below. The compilation’s full tracklisting reads:

  1. HUBBLE – ‘No Cure for the Lonely’
  2. RUSTY SANTOS – ‘Tears in the Delay’
  3. HEALTH PLAN – ‘Food Grief’
  4. OMNIBAEL – ‘Violent Flower’
  5. AGED – ‘I Wish You Wouldn’t’
  6. GARETH JS THOMAS – ‘How You Feel’
  7. OBVIATE PARADE – ‘1010’
  8. ### – ‘Pretvorivši Se U Ogradu, Prošao Sam Kroz Ogradu’
  9. LOST MUSIC LIBRARY – ‘Whimper and Hush’
  10. sorebones – ‘Beachside Cigarette’

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