Ryan Adams unveils the heart-breaking ‘To Be Without You’

It’s another raw cut from new album ‘Prisoner’.
Ryan Adams has dropped another stunning cut from new album ‘Prisoner’, in the form of ‘To Be Without You’.

The heart-twisting number is classic Ryan Adams, full of close to the bone sentiment and gritty realisations on lost-love – it’s a sign that new album ‘Prisoner’ might well be his most personal and important record to date when it lands next February (the 17th to be precise).

Speaking about the track and the album, Ryan explained that “it broke my soul in a zillion pieces writing this. This record mattered to be more than any record before it and my life depended on making it. I would of died inside if I hadn’t. I was broken. I don’t know what it is. But I know I had to write it and I know I have to sing these songs so I can live and keep living and breathing”

Check out ‘To Be Without You’ below, along with Ryan’s full note on the album.