Sad Boys Club have launched their new single, ‘Know (Part II)’

It's about isolation...

Sad Boys Club have launched their new single, ‘Know (Part II)’.

It’s the foursome’s first new material since last year’s second EP, ‘Four Shades of the Transitional Phase’, and it deals with feelings of isolation – though it’s not about the current quarantine, that’s just good timing.

Frontman Jacob Wheldon explains: “It was somewhat born of the versions of your self you find after a few minutes scrolling down your own social media feeds – you can feel disassociated from that person you once were but it’s in some way immortalized, that disorientation in your own journey can be a source of relief in some ways but it can also reveal some pretty horrible truths, you don’t get to control or romanticize that narrative as you might do with nostalgia, that’s a quarry I’m interested in mining at the moment, it’s all quite existential isn’t it? 2020.”

Give it a listen below, and keep an eye out for the band’s updated touring schedule coming soon.

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