Sad13 has served up a brand new one with ‘Oops…!’

It’s the second taste of what to expect from Sadie Dupois’ new solo album ‘Haunted Painting’.

Sadie Dupois has dropped a brand new Sad13 track, with fresh one ‘Oops…!’

Full of strutting swagger and hazy pop charm, ‘Oops…!’ is the second track to be unveiled from Sad13 this year – following on from ‘Ghost (Of A Good Time)’ released at the end of June.

Speaking about ‘Oops…!’ and the track’s new video also debuted today, Sadie explains: “We recorded “Oops…!” at New Monkey, which was Elliott Smith’s studio. This one has a magic drum sound – thanks entirely to engineer Sarah Tudzin (of Illuminati Hotties notoriety), and Zoë Brecher’s impeccable playing. Just before writing it, on tour with CHVRCHES, a venue employee became physically and verbally violent with one of my Speedy Ortiz bandmates. He directed his fake apology at me instead of the person he harmed, presumably because I am smaller and present feminine. My vengeance complex kicked in and I got a scary adrenaline high making sure this unsafe person was removed from the show. While I’m glad I have protective instincts, I wrote the song to process ways in which I’ve used people’s assumptions about me and my body to wield my own version of toxic masculinity. Kimber-Lee Alston, who directed remotely via Zoom, turned this story and song into an allegory about a 1950s prom queen vampire who lures in her bad boy victims with delicious, blood-filled treats.”

The second Sad13 studio album, ‘Haunted Painting’ is set for release on September 25th

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